Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sightings from the (pre-internet) archives

While we wait for the next live sighting (usually we get reports 2-3 times per week), I thought it would be fun to post a letter all the way back from 1987! This one came from Monica F. of Brookline, MA. Monica, if you're still in the Boston area, give us a shout out!

Dear Pond Monster Society,

I saw and heard something at the Pond the other night that I though you guys would be interested in hearing. This happened in the early morning of Nov 18. I had just gotten back from seeing Alice Cooper at the Garden and took my two labs for a walk around the pond (I only live a few blocks away, on one of the Sargents). I was down the by the water and all of a sudden my dogs got very still, then started growling quietly at the direction of the water. I was still a little baked right then, but I tried to see what they were growling it. It's not the safest place to be late at night, so I was getting ready to leave quickly when I saw something splashing getting in the water. I couldn't see very well but it looked big! 10 feet maybe! It quickly submerged and I guess dove under, because I couldn't see anything anymore. I was really freaked out so I headed back to the road. I stopped when I got to Perkins and looked back, but nothing. I swear I hear something thwacking though, like someone slapping the water with their hand. What do you think?

Monica F.
Brookline, Mass
21 Nov 1987

It's funny - a lot of our reports involve hearing a slapping on the water. A lot of them also involve being baked.  We'll get to the former in one of our next posts!

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