Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Letters from Kids

As we go on almost a week without a Jessie sighting (don't worry, that's normal this time of year!), here's a letter we received from Ellie Gonzales of Jamaica Plain:

Dear Pond Monster Watchers,

Does Jessie ever get sad or lonely?


Well, Ellie, that's a great question! I think everyone gets sad and lonely sometimes, but maybe Jessie is lonelier than most? I have to admit that the thought of Jessie, hunkering down somewhere on a cold rainy night, all alone, makes me pretty sad, too.

But I've got some probable good news. The first thing to remember is that Jessie is surrounded by people, all the time. He or she sees us walking around the pond or through the woods, sometimes looking for her. People leave Jessie treats, or just talk to the water and hope Jessie is listening.

The more exciting piece of info is that we actually believe that Jessie is not alone. The area is filled with kettle ponds, just like Jamaica Pond, and we've been reaching out to Societies in other towns, who have evidence of their own pond monsters. And we think that Jessie travels! (At least our Jessie Cams seem to indicate movement like that). So I think Jessie has friends of his own kind. Maybe even he belongs to  a family! It's even possible that there is more than one Jessie in our own Jamaica Pond! So Ellie, I think Jessie is not lonely. I hope that makes you feel better too!

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