Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi there! We're the Jamaica Pond Monster Observation society. We've been around since the 1850's, when the first reported sightings of Jessie occurred in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of West Roxbury (prior to its annexation to Boston in the 1870's). Up until now we've remained out of the public eye, but recent rumbling on Centre Street about sightings of Jessie has prompted us to go online.

We're naturalists, scientists, and above all quiet observers, but we want to spread the truth about Jessie. One of our members recently overheard some bugaboo-pushing moms at JP Licks talking about the danger Jessie might pose to their little snowflakes, and we want to say, first and foremost, Jessie is totally harmless! In over 160 years, there has never been a Jessie-induced injury, to pet, child, or adult. Jessie, whoever/whatever he or she is (we haven't been able to sex her/him yet) is a fascinating, totally benevolent creature.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated about Jessie sightings. We'll also provide some natural history for Jessie. Please feel free to share any sightings you may have, as well as any photos or video!!!

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  1. I don't know why your observations have been doubted! It makes total sense that there would be giant beavers in Massachusetts.

    Given the unbelievable amount of panic and outrage the arrival of an ordinary beaver causes – the fretful trips to the health department for a kill permit, the unsupported claim that they are going to ruin the environment, the woeful kvetching recorded dutifully by the media, the complete and utter failure to problem-solve or think in any capacity about reasonable solutions – Massachusetts beavers MUST be giant. There's no other credible explanation.

    One interesting note about castoroides you might have missed was recently discovered when a paleontologist CT scanned the skull and found a resonance chamber no one had known about before. These creatures made quite a sound! You might consider assigning a different intern to monitor some recording equipment?

    Heidi Perryman, Ph.D.
    President & Founder
    Worth A Dam