Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sighting report

Early this morning I got an alert that one of our motion-activated cameras, Jessie Cam 4 had picked up something. This one is located in the woods between Francis Parkman Drive and Prince Street (between the Pond and Hellenic Hill). These go off relatively often and usually we don't pay very much attention. However, a few minutes later it went off again. I logged in to the camera to see what was going on. At the far edge of vision there was something moving! It was waddling along, but I wasn't able to tell how big it was.

Then, about five minutes later, Jessie Cam 7, which is actually on Hellenic Hill went off! (I should note at this point that Jessie, though the Pond Monster, does in fact get out of the pond quite often). I immediately switched over to it and saw whatever it was again, still waddling along! There's some underbrush so it wasn't that easy to see, but something was happening!

I got in my car and drove over towards Hellenic College, where it looked like whatever it was was heading! For about half an hour I crept quietly around in the woods, trying to see if I could see anything, to no avail. However, when I was returning to my car, I noticed that there were three very large trashcans that had been knocked over. No raccoon could do that! I looked through the garbage, and as it turned out one of them was paper recycling.  There were giant toothmarks in some cardboard and newspaper!

Conclusion: I don't know what it was on the cameras or upending the trashcan for certain. The odds are that it was Jessie, and that he has a taste for .... paper. Stay tuned

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