Monday, April 2, 2012

Okay, you got us...

....and Jessie is in fact not an escaped mutant robotic pool cleaner.

On a more serious note, people have been wondering what happened to us because of our month-long absence. Unfortunately, I don't have any good answers. With all of the attention we received in February and early March, the Society got a little overwhelmed. We are new to social media, and I don't think many of us knew how to respond.

There was also an explosion of people looking for Jessie, which resulted in fewer recorded sightings than any year in the last 30. We were a little worried that all of that attention was having a negative effect on Jessie, so we thought a little break would do him or her good as well.

Please stay tuned to further updates, and please don't approach Jessie if you see him in the "wild!"

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